IQ Fund Management provides business and investment management services in Czech Republic. Our team has over 10 years of experience in Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Our business management services include (but are not limited to):

  • Financial and legal business administration
  • Project and operational management
  • Investment management
  • Executive representation

Besides more regular asset classes such as real estate and energy IQ Fund Management has specialized in agricultural land and related investments.

The 3-P's of IQ's agricultural land investment management services:

Philosophy regarding our current focus is based on:
  • Studies by OCED, the European commission and others point to constantly increasing soft commodity (such as grain and wheat) prices due to demand pulls such as population growth, dietary shift, policy changes and bio-fuels.
  • Increased attention on supply constraints of land and water. Conservative forecasts suggest a doubling of global agricultural output being needed by the year 2050. Bio fuel projects could triple this forecast.
  • European agricultural real estate has much untapped investment value.
Processing acquisition strategies:
  • Applying investor asset requirement for active or passive asset management and exit strategy:
    • Active - based on producing commodities with the land - higher but fluctuating returns
    • Passive – based on land leases - lower but stable annual returns
    • Exit strategy – an essential aspect of planning whether for active or passive involvement
  • Tailoring implementation according to the profile of both asset and investor.
  • Managing value improvements – this may include:
    • Consolidation procedures
    • Tenant relations
    • Local infrastructure
People make it happen:
  • A strong team of managers and specialists who have worked together in Czech Republic since 2006.
    • Providing in-depth knowledge of agricultural land and the management thereof
    • Expertise in • Legal • Fiscal • Financial • Technical • Commercial representation
  • Creating value and sustainability in everything we do.
IQ Fund Management has data based value indicators for the discerning investor in Czech Republic

For more information - corporate references - or any other inquiries - please contact us.

Company details:

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