IQ BioEnergy is a renewable energy investment and management company that develops, builds, owns, and operates biogas and cogeneration plants based on anaerobic digestion (controlled microbial conversion of organic substances without air access leading to production of biogas and digestate) in Central Europe. We are focused on acquiring operating projects in the Czech Republic.

IQ BioEnergy develops its projects in close partnership with suppliers of energy crops and/or organic waste feedstock. We are interested in acquisitions of existing biogas plants and establishment of long-term partnership with the existing owner-operators.

Biogas is an efficient and sustainable form of renewable energy and is produced by anaerobic digestion that converts organic feedstock into baseload heat and power and high quality organic fertilizer. The biogas industry stabilizes farm incomes and provides a safe means for processing organic waste material while supporting the goal of decreasing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

Please contact us if you would like further information about our activities or if you are looking for a partner to support the development, financing or operation of your project.

Company details:

IQ BioEnergy s.r.o.
Registered seat/postal address: Rehnice 8, 294 06 Brezno u Mladé Boleslaví, Czech Republic.
Commercial registration nr.: 24828505
VAT nr.: CZ24828505
Tel: +420-312312057

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