About IQ Group

IQ Group was founded in 2002 with the philosophy and goal of providing supreme services and know-how in the field of business-management, business-development, investment-engineering and investment management. IQ Group has a successful track-record in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and The Netherlands and has offices in Czech Republic and the Netherlands. IQ Group consists of:
  • IQ Fund Management s.r.o.
  • IQ IT Support s.r.o.
  • IQ BioEnergy s.r.o.
The founder of IQ Group had the basic thought behind IQ, to create a group of companies which are based on responsible management and operates in harmony with nature. Hence IQ’s mission statement:
To be an excellent service provider in Europe in the field of company and investment management, enhancing quality of service providing through a harmonious combination of knowledge, business-management and careful investment. To deliver superior sustainable value we run our business with integrity and openness, delivering optimum results within clearly defined business principles.

IQ-ers (people working for IQ Group) have determined that our actions will be driven by these values:
  • Dedication to every client’s success.
  • Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world.
  • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.
Looking back at IQ’s history, we have been providing services achieving client-satisfaction and a solid foundation for our business. Through our subsidiary IQ Fund Management we have established activities and conducted investments in Agricultural, Forestry, Land-Banking and Bio-Energy. Within this activity we have managed to contribute to the environment, by combining nature enhancing projects with the creation of business value ensuring direct and indirect return on investment.

With this solid foundation IQ is strong and stable at present and we are expecting that it will continue to grow from strength to strength.

We are looking forward doing business with you.

Group company details:

IQ Holding B.V.
Registered company seat: Fazantlaan 8, 7004 BM, Doetinchem, The Netherlands.
Postal address: Maasdijk 47, 5371 AA Ravenstein, The Netherlands.
Commercial registration nr.: 09128837
VAT nr.: 8117.91.580.B.01
Email: iqholding@iq-group.info
Теl.: +31-(0)314-767002

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